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Whether you want to feed your sales team with contacts all year round or
you prefer to stay focused on your core business by letting us open up export opportunities for you,...
Our solutions will allow you to test the full development potential of your products

You want qualified leads

  • Qualified bids and purchase intentions
  • Unlimited publication of your products
  • 12 months of visibility to your offer to generate contacts that you convert, yourself:
    - Promotion on Golden-Trade's home page
    - Promotion on 1 category
    - Promotion on social networks
    - Newsletter on contacts of your category
  • PUnlimited Contact:
    - Free access profiles and contact information
    - Contact from your product visitors
  • Zero commission on your sales

Amount of the 12 month subscription

590 €

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How will we generate orders for you?

  1. Thanks to our marketing operations to our audience
  2. Thanks to our network of agents throughout the French-speaking world
  3. Thanks to the DROPSHIP system we create for you:
    - We duplicate your We duplicate your catalog for our online agents
    - Your audience is multiplied with their Your audience is multiplied with their promotional operations
    - The agents generate sales, you deliver and pay them their agreed upon commissions

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