Mould Oscillation and Deflection Detection Instrument

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Mould Oscillation and Deflection Detection Instrument


The mold is a device that shapes the cast product in continuous steel casting, and it is also the core equipment and key technology of continuous casting machine. The main function of the mould oscillation deflection detection instrument is to detect the the mould oscillation table’s oscillation frequency, amplitude, deflection rate, phase, oscillation trajectory curve, etc. Through the detection and adjustment of the detection instrument, the mold moves along the outer arc of the continuous casting machine according to the given amplitude, frequency and waveform deflection characteristics.

The actual oscillation parameters of the mold oscillation table during the operation and production process and the process parameters of the cast products cannot be effectively known without the data detection of the mold deflection detection instrument, so that the operator cannot adjust the mould’s production process parameters in real time according to the real-time situation of the on-site production.

The continuous casting mold deflection detection instrument independently developed by our company is suitable for various molds such as slab, square billet, round billet and shaped billet. The system obtains the process parameters such as actual oscillation holographic parameters and negative slip amount of the oscillation table by effectively detecting the movement of the mold. The technicians can formulate the control strategy of the mould according to these actual parameters, and improve the output and quality of the product within a safe and reliable range.

The structure of the instrument

Continuous casting mold oscillation and deflection detection instrument is mainly composed of sensor system, sensor signal conditioning circuit, power supply circuit, synchronous data acquisition module, communication cable, and software data analysis system.

There are three axial acceleration sensors installed in the mold oscillation and deflection detection instrument, one of which is to detect the vertical oscillation signal (Y axis), and the other two are to detect the horizontal oscillation signal (X and Z axis). The signal obtained by the sensor is processed by the preprocessor and the preprocessing module. The oscillation signal and sensor status signal will be filtered and normalized, sent to the synchronous data collector for digitization and feature extraction, and the data is analyzed and processed by the master computer software to obtain various oscillation parameters and process parameters required by users.

The functions of the system

  1. Adopting mould oscillation X/Y/Z three-dimensional data acquisition, using high-precision sensor system and high-sensitivity axial accelerometer, comprehensive detection of equipment oscillation state, including:

1) Detect the oscillation frequency of the mold oscillation table

2) Detect the amplitude of the mold oscillation table

3) Detect the deflection rate of oscillation

4) Detect the lateral deflection, longitudinal deflection, phase, and phase difference of the mold oscillation table

5) Three-dimensional display of the oscillation trajectory, and the oscillation table trajectory can be viewed from all sides of the oscillation table 6 (X-Y, X-Z, Z-Y)

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