Immediate purchase of 8000 m² of anti-termite film

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We buy immediately for a site in progress, 8000 m 2 of movie anti-termite, delivery French Guiana.
This film termicide / anti-termite treatment is intended for platforms of a project to 70 Villas in the commune of Macouria.

Immediate purchase of 8000 m² of film anti-termite
the products must conform to the standards and the following features:

(Extrait dele de CCTP)
"3.6.2 - treatment anti-termite - certificates and guarantee of treatment
the contractor will refer to the recommendations of the building on the soil moisture protection according to the DTU 13.3" the repository of the FCBA "preventive systems before construction against subterranean termites. This repository specifies the implementation of different devices as a continuous barrier between the ground and the building.
This work will be carried out according to the standard NFX 40.501 by a specialized company and approved and in accordance with the order of the prefect C2/71 - 1685 15 June 1971. The treatment will be directed by an applicator approved CTBA +.
The product must, in accordance with the Decree of 27 June 2006, benefit from the FCBA assessment as a physical and chemical barrier and have approval CTBP + DOM.
Before operation, the contractor will provide the technical sheets of treatment products that will be used to project management and the control Office.
It is necessary to provide a PV of treatment with a copy of the contract of insurance of company specializing.
The contractor must present proof of insurance covering the guarantee of the applicator failure or disappearance of the latter.
The holder of the present lot shall ensure the effectiveness of its treatment of peripheral ground and 10 years for the treatment of superficial soil for 5 years."

" - treatment of superficial ground
put on floor before pouring foundations and low floor, a polyethylene film low-density impregnated product type termicide 'TERMIFILM' or similar with a minimum thickness of 200 microns.
The installation will be in accordance with the data sheet of the product with treatment interruptions (lifts the sheaths or networks) by pellets or by coating with film on the thickness of the floor.
The film must be continuous under all the works of concrete in contact with the ground.
The contractor will provide a recovery sufficient (minimum 20 cm) between the continuity and if necessary their bonding by adhesive strips.
The movie will have to go back 15 cm above the ground outside buildings and be protected from ultraviolet rays by a protective Strip.
Solutions by application will be proscribed.

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