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soybean oils

Specification : product obtained from refined soybean oil 100% pure lovibond 5 1/4 color scale: yellow: 1.0 to 3.5 maximum red: 1 to 3.5 max...

A cassava buyer

I have two hectares of cassava available anywhere in ivory coast from february 2023

Frozen breads

For one of our customers we are looking for a reliable supplier for frozen bread.

Electric Buggy

We have a qualified customer who is ready to purchase 6 golf buggies.

Sunflower oil

We are looking for a reliable and capable sunflower oil customer. supplier must be able to supply under private label (custom labels)

battery regenerator

We have a request from our client, who is ready, willing and able to buy the battery regenerator.

Lithium Ore

We are looking for one of our customers of lithium ore

MgO panels

For our current project, we are looking for mgo (magnesia) panels for building cladding.

Paper A4

We are looking for a reliable printing paper supplier.